What is SEO and How is it done?

It is short for SEO Search Engine Optimization. Search engines are technical criteria for SEO operations to scan websites more easily. (Search Engine Optimization) means Search engine optimization in Turkish. SEO can be defined as all the improvement work done for search engines about a website. Search engine optimization ... Read More

IT Outsourcing

The fact that businesses want to do jobs based on their abilities and skills has revealed a common practice of "outsourcing" or "outsourcing. Outsourcing both saves resources, downsizes and becomes lean, and they find the opportunity to focus on the jobs they know very well. Outsourcing ... Read More

Technology and Sustainability

Technology preserves its place in the category of high value added products / services today. Industrialized technological products became widespread so fast that none of us could follow the process. Can our aging world bear another burden? Isn't it exciting to have innovative products that meet more of our needs? In the past ... Read More

What is WannaCry?

WannaCry virus is a ransomware that uses the EternalBlue Exploit to infect Microsoft Windows computers. Once it enters the target system, it quickly encrypts all files and adds the following extensions: wcry, wncryt, and wncry. After the virus encrypts the files using very strong encryption algorithms, it leaves a ransom note called “Please Read Me! .Txt” on the desktop ... Read More

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