Installation Services

Nabu Teknoloji performs new system installations in line with the demands or needs of institutions by following the latest technologies with its experienced staff. In this direction, an optimum plan is defined with the customer and a problem-free operation is performed. After the installation, the work done and the results obtained are reported to the customers.

Maintenance and Support Services

Nabu Teknoloji meets all the needs of companies in the field of information technologies in terms of operation and support services with an effective plan created in line with customer supply and requests. In addition, contracted or call-based support services are provided in order to continue the support and maintenance operation of the installed systems without any problems.

IT Infrastructure Transport Services

Nabu Teknoloji aims to provide a variety of services that companies may need while moving to a new location, in a fast and reliable manner, with the solutions it offers within the framework of infrastructure transportation services. IT infrastructure transportation projects are carried out by planning all processes requiring operations within the scope of this service.

Consultancy services

Nabu Technology offers the most ideal information technology solutions for customers' existing projects and problems, determining and integrating the differences between existing information technology structures and the intended or required structures, providing improvement suggestions, and high-level consultancy for monitoring the compliance of information technology systems with national-global standards. offers services.

Outsourcing Services

Today, companies work with various companies for IT services in order to increase the quality and efficiency of the services they provide and to reduce the costs. Companies working in this way can transfer their IT infrastructures to an expert team and focus on issues that directly affect the efficiency of their organizations. Nabu Teknoloji provides Outsourcing services to respond to these requests in line with the needs of companies and corporate culture.

Manufacturer Service

The dependence on information technologies is increasing day by day in order to fulfill the commercial purposes of the companies and meet their various needs. All institutions aiming at innovative change need to benefit from reliable, economical, continuous and high quality services. Nabu Teknoloji is an experienced platform that integrates technology and processes to provide information technology services and services in line with the business needs of all kinds of organizations in companies.

Managed Services

It is a very difficult process to manage the communication and information technology operations of companies perfectly. Therefore, it is very important that information technology operations management is taken by a trusted service provider. From this point of view, Nabu Technology, which has successfully implemented a wide range of detailed projects for various sectors and organizations, provides its customers with the most effectively managed services with this experience and knowledge.
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