Nabu Bilişim was established in 2014 to provide services in the field of software and information technologies. Since its establishment, it has managed to become one of the fastest growing IT companies in 2020 by improving its service portfolio with its continuous innovation vision.
Our goals
With our multinational FMCG, Consultancy and IT background staff, we believe that our long-term partnership will provide mutual satisfaction and exceed your expectations by interpreting your needs from your perspective and offering you the most appropriate solutions with transparent budgeting models.
our vision
Nabu IT Consulting is built on a simple and effective goal: to integrate companies with the latest technologies to focus on their core business. To provide satisfactory job opportunities for our employees.
Our Mission
Based on the predictions that computer operating speed will grow 1.7 times per year, mobile device usage 2.5 times and mobile data usage 2.4 times, Nabu Informatics is an expert technology company established to meet the needs of the technology sector. With the slogan of continuous innovation, we exist not for ourselves, but for the organizations we serve to be the industry leaders.
We Are Here To Solve Your IT Needs!
Nabu provides the best solutions at the most affordable prices with its experience in information services and technology and quality service lens.
  • Meet our professional team.
  • Get more than your expectations.
  • Innovative and creative solutions.
We Care About Creative Ideas and Change!
Managing technology and change will ensure that your company maintains its competitive edge in the business world and responds quickly to needs.
  • We offer customized solutions for you.
  • We do product customization for your company.
  • We provide change management services according to new technologies.
Real Innovation Protected Nature!
There are many measures that information systems management can take to protect natural resources. Let's implement these measures together.
  • Take advantage of our green technology consulting.
  • Meet with environmentally friendly technology services.
  • Technological sustainability report services.

Our services

How can we help you?

Infrastructure & Integration

We are with you with our expert staff. We can support you in network project design, implementation and technical support!

Corporate Web Services

We can design and code your website, which is almost an identity of your company on the internet. We can also develop custom software for you!


While providing your company's IT staff with our high level of expertise, we aim to ensure the sustainability of your competitiveness in your field.

Special Software Services

It produces solutions to your needs determined as a result of analysis with universal methods and techniques. It develops software according to your needs.

SAP Services

We aim to provide corporate ERP systems, SAP and Turkey's most experienced experts with appropriate solutions to your company's budget in the Oracle area.

Hardware Development

We aim to support you in the determination, supply and customization of the hardware products that your company needs.

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