Co-Location Services

With the Co-Location services it offers to its customers, Nabu Teknoloji aims to provide uninterrupted internet access to the servers and network equipment owned by the organizations 24/7 and in the fastest way.

Hosting, Storage and Backup

Server Hosting Services
With its server hosting services, Nabu Teknoloji enables servers to be hosted by reducing the energy cost without the need for additional investment and expenditure. Our company provides high-speed secure access to servers hosting important applications with its internationally appropriate standard data center and strong infrastructure. In addition, it plays an active role in supporting business continuity by continuously monitoring and reporting the servers.

Storage and Backup Services
Safe storage and protection of data are areas that all institutions need maximum and it is very important that it is performed by the right service provider with the right methods. With the storage services it offers, Nabu Technology allows you to use different disk areas suitable for use in different applications, in the amount you need. In terms of data security, it provides a variety of backup services that can meet all kinds of needs.

Cloud and Virtualization Services

Cloud Services
Today, with the increasing needs of workplaces in information technology processes; It turns towards cloud computing solutions that are easier to manage, can be changed whenever they want, have no initial investment amount, a certain amount of service level and specific rules. As in every organization, the aim here is to reduce costs, save workforce with easy manageability, provide qualified service and gain profit in this way. Nabu Teknoloji provides end-to-end consultancy and technical support services in the process of integration into cloud structures with its expert staff.

Virtualization Services
When looking at systems without virtualization today, it is seen that only approximately 15-20% of the usable capacity is used. With virtualization, less physical resources are used. Unused capacities are utilized in the most efficient and active way, and savings from various management resources are ensured. With its virtualization solutions, Nabu Teknoloji helps to reduce costs by reducing hardware requirements, to ensure energy savings and business continuity, to make management noticeably easier and to provide many more advantages.

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

With disaster recovery solutions, it is aimed for critical information technology systems to overcome the disaster as smoothly as possible and to continue working as soon as possible. In order to meet this critical need, Nabu Teknoloji analyzes the information systems in the most detailed way and develops various disaster recovery recommendations to ensure business continuity and provides these recommendations to its customers with all its experience.

Sectoral Solutions

Sectors with various characteristics may need very different needs from each other. Therefore, the solutions of the needs of the sectors require various experience and experience. Nabu Teknoloji closely follows the developments with its experience and knowledge, and works for the functional use of the best possible solutions and provides the most ideal service to its customers.
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