Nabu Teknoloji is here to serve you in areas such as network maintenance, network installation, network virtualization, network licensing, network infrastructure, network hardware and network penetration testing.

Network Services

Network infrastructure is one of the most important issues that greatly affect the activities of institutions in today's competitive conditions. Nabu Technology always keeps unconditional customer satisfaction at the forefront with its strong experience and competent experience for the needs of network infrastructure, as well as being the most effective assistant in every step including protection from the production, storage and use of information, and re-use if needed. With its professional engineer staff within Nabu Teknoloji, it has high level experience in solutions of brands such as Cisco, HP, Juniper, which are world-famous manufacturers in the field of network technologies.

Security Solutions

It is a great fact that technology is in a continuous development in this world we live in. Even if various measures are taken, measures need to be reformed and reshaped in the face of technology that is constantly developing. This is likely to be provided by companies with their own network security policies. Nabu Teknoloji offers the latest and critical security solutions in the field of information technologies with its wide staff and experience in order to ensure the security of an organization.

Integrated Solutions

Today, depending on the rapidly developing communication technologies, business requirements and ways of doing business are in a change. In this process of change, the importance of access to information is gradually increasing, and Nabu Technology, with its competent expertise in line with these rapidly changing needs, integrates the communication infrastructure equipment of its customers with each other, increasing the efficiency in infrastructure and business processes, thus providing the opportunity to work together for complex environments and ease of management with its successful projects and strong references. provides.

System and Data Storage Solutions

In today's information world, where cyber attacks are increasing day by day, business continuity and productivity are of great importance. Data center security is of great importance to ensure business continuity. Nabu Teknoloji provides the most ideal solutions to its customers with minimum investment costs, thanks to its close cooperation with HP, which is one of the most important manufacturers of the world in this field, for systems operating on different platforms.

Virtualization Services

Nabu Teknoloji provides virtualization solutions that will simplify your information technology needs and increase efficiency for the operations you have chosen specifically for various issues in line with the requests with its trained professional staff who have gained experience with many different projects and follow technological innovations.

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